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Southwest Arkansas Telephone Cooperative Lata

Arkansas has been divided into long distance calling areas called LOCAL ACCESS TRANSPORT AREAS (LATAs). These boundaries determine which company handles your Long Distance Calling. In Equal Access locations, 1+ and 0+ Long Distance Calling outside your LATA is handled by your Preferred Long Distance Interexchange Carrier. Those 1+ and 0+ calls made within your LATA are handled by your local Telephone Company.
Southwest Arkansas Telephone Co-op., Inc. exchanges are shown in the following LATAs:

Longview: Bloomburg, Doddridge, Fouke, Garland City, Trigg

Little Rock: Fulton, Washington

Pine Bluff: Emerson

Contact Us by Phone

Business Office:
822 from a Co-op phone
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Repair Office:
622 from a Co-op phone
Mon-Sun, 6am-Midnight Calls can be placed 24hrs

Internet Tech Support:
7 Days a week, 24hrs a day

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